VOTE for your new CDC leadership Friday, November 15, 2019

Join us in Long Beach this Friday at the California Democratic Party State Convention from 7:00pm to 8:45pm in convention center room 201B.

Registration will begin as early as 6:30pm and our meeting will begin at 7:00pm sharp.

After brief announcements and a call for nominations from the floor there will be short candidate speeches.

All voting will end by 8:00 pm and delegates will be able to cast a ballot and leave anytime between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Below is the 2020-2022 CDC Executive Board election meeting schedule 

6:45 Registration and Credentialing

7:00 Meeting called to order:  Hilary Crosby with very brief status update of CDC

7:05 Credentialing Report to the body:  Chris Duvali

7:08 Nominations from the floor

7:18 Election voting procedures explained and candidate speeches:

There will be pre-printed ballots. Voting delegates can add write-ins for those nominated from the floor. Candidate speeches will be 90 seconds each for contested races only.

7:30 Balloting commences

8:00 Balloting completed and counting commences

8:25 Results announced:  Hilary Crosby

Transition: Passing of the gavel from Hilary Crosby to new president-elect.

8:30 Adjournment – New President