Meet the
California Democratic Council's
Executive Board

Vision Statement

The California Democratic Council (CDC) exists to serve California Clubs and Central Committees and strives to give them a voice at the state level. We envision a symbiotic relationship between the CDC, Clubs, and Central Committees based on grassroots energy, leadership, passion, collaboration, and integrity.

Mission Statement

The California Democratic Council (CDC) provides a network of various resources and services to ensure Democratic Clubs serve every California Democrat. We advocate for all clubs and central committees to have a voice at the state level. The CDC helps affiliated Democratic Clubs and Central Committees in the development and advocacy of platform items and resolutions, as well as organize and grow through training, skill building, intra club collaboration, and candidate development.


Executive Board Members

Elected Board Members

Norma Alcala

Paula Mejia
Vice President

Adriana Jenson

Adriana Jenson


Carlos Mendoza

James Albert
Southern California Coordinator

Larry Johnson
Central California Coordinator

Maria Grijalva
Northern California Coordinator

Committee Chairs

Omar Rincon
Technology Chair

Olivia Navarro
Membership and Credentialing Chair

Kristal Edwards-Jones
Constitution and Bylaws Chair

Carlos Alcala
Communications Chair

Fundraising Chair

Organizational Development Chair

Platform and Policy Development Chair

I have always regarded the California Democratic Council as one of the United States’ most important centers of citizen participation in politics.

- John F. Kennedy