I have always regarded the California Democratic Council as one of the United States’ most important centers of citizen participation in politics.

– John F. Kennedy

A Tradition of Service

For over half a century, the California Democratic Council has served as the umbrella organization for California’s 500+ Democratic Clubs.

Vision Statement

The California Democratic Council envisions that every registered Democrat is represented by leaders at all levels of government who advocate successfully for Democratic Party values and high quality of life for all Californians; and that elected leaders are informed about the most important issues concerning members of the Democratic Clubs which make up their constituency.

Mission Statement​

The California Democratic Council strives to ensure that every California Democrat is served by a visible, organized, geographic and/or affinity-based Democratic Club that reaches out year-round to its community; recruits quality Democratic candidates for every appointed and elected position in its purview; supports those elected officials in advocating for Democratic Party values both as candidates and in their sworn public roles. The CDC helps Democratic Clubs to communicate their policy messages and positions on issues in a democratic manner and at the appropriate level to provide information and guidance to appointed and elected officials and candidates.


The California Democratic Council ratified new bylaws at our Special Convention May 31 in San Francisco. Nineteen clubs and county committees participated from as far as Sierra County to the north, Laguna Beach to the south, Moreno Valley to the east, and Mountain View to the west. The majority of delegates came from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley, and Los Angeles County giving a healthy representation of urban and rural clubs and county committees.

Our new bylaws will make it easier to obtain a quorum and conduct business while giving voice to clubs, county committees, and young democrats. Input on these Constitution and Bylaws is welcome, please email comments to president@cdc.ca.org


President: Iyad Afalqa

Vice President: Chris Robson

Secretary: Adriana Jenson

Treasurer: Paula Meija

Controller: Carlos Mendoza

Northern California Coordinator: Kristal Edwards-Jones

Central California Coordinator: Susan MacCall Carrasco

Southern California Coordinator: Carrie Scoville

Committee Chairs

Membership Chair: Anne Mohr

Credentialing Chair: Christopher Duvali

Communications Chair: Hector Huezo

Technology Chair: Francois Kaeppelin