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Get ready for 2024. We will be supporting Progressive Candidates across the state. 

Celebrating 70 Years of Club Organizing

Founded at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in January 1953, the California Democratic Council (CalDC) is the statewide association of Democratic clubs and county central committees responsible for turning a Republican-dominated California into a Democratic stronghold.

At its height, the CalDC organized hundreds of Democratic clubs with tens of thousands of members in every area of the state. In some years, the CalDC’s conventions drew in as many as 1,800 delegates.

Although other states have Democratic clubs, the CalDC is the only organization that directly empowers clubs to campaign on a statewide level in the country.

The California Democratic Council (CDC) is a network of local Democratic clubs who collaborate with one another to advance a statewide progressive agenda. We support clubs and central committees succeed by offering training, skill building activities, and digital organizing services. In addition, we are primarily responsible for fostering the growth of Democratic clubs located in Republican areas.

Ready to Elect Democrats?

With a 70-year history of service to local Democratic clubs and county central committees, the CalDC provides your organization with an opportunity to influence elections and policy in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

Affiliate with us today, and you will get the opportunity to attend and take part in our events, including our Annual Convention and many special gatherings.

If you are unable to become an affiliate, donating is the best way to help support Democratic clubs. Through the CalDC, clubs receive a wide variety of services, including free hosted websites, trainings, and more!

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